Kam-Kot Crop Protection Offerings

FarMore™ Technology

The FarMore™ Technology is a novel approach to vegetable seed protection wherein the selected compounds are combined in appropriate ratios, accurately applied by licensed commercial applicators and delivered directly on the vegetable seed. Delivery is customized to each crop seed and combines low use-rate compounds which have been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under its’ “Reduced Risk” pesticide program. FarMore™ Technology works with seed technology processes such as disinfection, encrusting, pelleting, priming and film coating, and provides small-seeded vegetable growers with improved seed technology to enhance seedling emergence, plant stand establishment, early season vigor, plant health and yield protection.

You can also access more information at www.syngenta-us.com/seeds/vegetables/farmore/farmore.aspx

Chemical TreatmentSpecies/Benefits Information
FarMore™ F300
(Apron XL, Maxim 4FS, Dynasty)
Syngenta Crop Protection
FarMore™ F400
(Apron XL, Maxim 4FS, Dynasty, Mertect 340-F)
Syngenta Crop Protection
FarMore™ FI400
(Apron XL, Maxim 4FS, Dynasty, Cruiser 5FS)
Syngenta Crop Protection
FarMore™ FI500
(Apron XL, Maxim 4FS, Dynasty, Cruiser 70WS, Regard)
Syngenta Crop Protection
TrigardSyngenta Crop Protection
Coronet - Allegiance - ThiramBASF & Bayer CropScience
ThiramBayer CropScience
SeprestoBayer CropScience