Kam-Refine Seed Lot Refinement Technology

Background- Seed lot quality can span a wide range because of many factors that include species, cultivar genetics, and seed production system variables. In some cases conventional seed sorting/conditioning practices fall short of improving a seed lot to a desired market or regulatory need. Kamterter has developed the Kam-Refine process to improve good seed lots to higher market standards and substandard seed lots to acceptable regulatory and performance standards.

The Kam-Refine process consists of two basic steps. A seed lot is first Kam-Prime processing to improve the physiological characteristics of the seed. As a function of Kam-Prime processing and the hydrated state of the seeds being processed, physical differences (density, color, size, etc.) between the good and abnormal or dead seeds are also accentuated achieving.  Achieving this condition in a seed lot during Kam-Prime processing enables using physical separation techniques to remove abnormal and dead seeds from the seed lot.

See the overview diagram below for Kam-Refine process and seed lot data examples:

Kam-Refine Process Overview

Examples Showing the Effect of the Kam-Refine Process on Seeds of Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Species:

Kam-Refine Seed Lot Data Example #1

Kam-Refine Seed Lot Data Example #2

Kam-Refine Seed Lot Data Example #3