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About Us

Kamterter was founded in 1981 as an independently owned product development and seed enhancement service company. In 1990, Kamterter developed and patented  Solid Matrix Seed Priming (SMP) seed enhancement technology. Implementation of the SMP technology removed limitations on the number of plant species for which seed could be effectively primed.

Through a strong research and service focus, Kamterter evolved a new generation of seed priming (Kam-Prime), seed lot refinement (Kam-Refine) and seed coating (Kam-Kōt) technologies and services from its benchmark SMP technology. The current family of fruit and vegetable seed sector product offerings is detailed under the Services and Species Sections. Kamterter services are available broadly through leading seed dealers and breeder producers throughout the fruit and vegetable industry. Flower, agronomic, turf and reclamation seed enhancement services are available on a quote basis. Inquiries regarding potential development of new products are invited.

Kamterter has created and delivered seed enhancement value throughout the seed and plant production industries. Kamterter is dedicated to helping customers get The Most Value From Their Seed. Contact Us Today!